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Star infranet - Computer Startup Problems

The greater part of the whines observing Pc issues relate to either exhibition, speed or system issues. Then again, Pc startup issues, however not as pervasive as the previously stated ones, do happen and when they do, they're truly badgering! While issues identified with undertaking speed, Os exhibition and system issues could be troubleshot by emulating the right directions, startup issues are a trifle demanding to diagnose and troubleshoot in light of the fact that, won't begin up in regardless, fellas! All things considered, that doesn't mean you might as well give into sadness. The accompanying section is an endeavor to make troubleshooting workstation startup issues less demanding for you with an aide to diagnose precisely what explanations give ascent to specific startup issues.

Step by step instructions to Fix Computer Startup Problems

From booting issues to repressed electric cell life to detached links to malware issues, there are various explanations why your machine may demonstrate hesitance to startup fittingly or it may straight decline to startup whatsoever! Here are some normal explanations why this happens, plus courses to settle them separately.

Lapse Message Flashes

Has it ever happened that whenever you attempt to startup your Pc or smart phone, a slip post flashes, accompanied by back to back rebooting endeavors by your machine or inadequacy to begin up fittingly? All things considered, there might be two unmistakable explanations for this failure memo thingy -either a document or administration is endeavoring to load itself each time you turn your Pc/laptop on and impeding the startup procedure or the remaining part of an as of late erased system is making the fiendishness. In the event that you're utilizing a Windows Os, you can arrange your framework to not stack the index or customize (that gets said in the lapse note) while beginning up. In the event that a segment of an erased project (which are system informative content that may remain in the event that you had erased the project physically) is outdated, the most ideal path to dispose of it is to hurry up and reinstall the project onto every part of once more. When you've done that, head off to control board and select the choice Add or Remove Programs. Select the system you wish to uproot from the record that is shown and click on 'yes', when asked, "Do you need to evacuate the system?".

Issue in Loading Os

Some of the time, the workstation begins up and boots without a hitch yet the truants start when it endeavors to load the Os. In this case, switch to safe mode and weigh in Device Manager (Windows) to check whether its a flaw with any of the drivers. If there should be an occurrence of startup and Os stacking issues in Windows Xp, you can depend on System Restore to get your framework over to the condition in which it began up and ran preceding this specific accident happened.

Degenerate Master Boot Record (Mbr)

This is a standout amongst the most well-known machine startup issues in Windows 7 and Windows Vista Os. An exceptionally precise marker of this issue is when you attempt the Startup Repair apparatus to set it and it confesses all up with a chit, letting you know no issue was discovered! One extremely normal explanation for this misdiagnosis is running the instrument when a Usb glimmer drive is appended to your framework. This makes the Startup Repair apparatus sweep and run the determination for the Usb drive instead of the framework's inbuilt hard plate drive as it perspectives the Usb drive as a part instead of an outer connection. The cure is to uninstall and uproot the outside Usb drive before running the Startup repair instrument. This time, the finding will be right and you can effectively repair the undermined Mbr by accompanying the one step at a time directions.

Os Crash or Freeze

Now and then, a malware or infection can make the Os accident or the machine to stop while stacking. In Windows Xp, this could be seen in the type of a blue screen that seems only after the Welcome screen, emulated by a Dos setup sort nature's domain. No number of rebooting endeavors can restore this and you can just run your machine on safe mode. The main cure is to take the hard disc out physically, commission it in a different framework and run a full Antivirus output on it. Thereafter, the hard disc might be reinstalled to the definitive framework and, if fundamental, Windows may be reinstalled utilizing the establishment Dvd or a bootable Usb drive.


Various issues that can expedite startup issues incorporate tainting of center framework documents, equipment breakdown issues prompting overheating, and so forth. If there should be an occurrence of defiled center framework indexes, particularly in Windows, you can get a duplicate of the aforementioned records from an ordinarily running framework and supplant the undermined ones with the uncorrupted ones. Fittings glitches, for example overheating because of fan not working and a biting the dust motherboard electric cell require manual specialized consideration. I might prescribe you request the assistance of a machine equipment technician to get the issue settled provided that you yourself don't have satisfactory experience taking care of issues like these. A dead motherboard electric cell makes your framework do a reversal to production line settings, which makes beginning up inconceivable. Supplanting the electric cell is the main choice here. You can diagnose electric cell issue by only checking if your framework clock has been predictably losing time. Assuming this is the case, you can get the electric cell supplanted even before you confront an aggregate power outage scenario.

Those were some regular startup issues confronted by machine clients. On the off chance that, the workstation declines to hint at any life in the wake of exchanging on or in spite of being associated with a force source, the issue could be followed to an electric storage device issue (in a note pad or smart phone) or broken association and detached links in the event of a desktop). If there should be an occurrence of electric cell glitch, you may as well check the connector to check whether it is charging your portable computer electric storage device fittingly. Likewise, if there should be an occurrence of extremely old electric cells, a sudden vanish isn't phenomenal.

Star infranet - Computer Startup Problems

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Star Infranet - What are the Effects of Computer Hacking?

Computer hacking is the demonstration of changing Pc equipment or programming, with a specific end goal to reason harm to delicate information on a machine or to basically take classified informative content. Machine hackers regularly target home and office machines that are joined with the Internet. The Internet is an entryway for a workstation to associate with the planet, which additionally makes it powerless to ambushes from hackers from over the globe. What are the outcomes of workstation hacking? Gave us a chance to figure out.

Impacts of Computer Hacking 

Machine hacking is a break of Pc security. It can uncover touchy client information and hazard client security. Hacking exercises uncover private client informative data like individual portions, standardized savings numbers, charge card numbers, ledger information and individual photos. Client qualified data, in the hands of machine hackers, makes it defenseless to illegitimate utilize and control.

Hackers might even erase touchy informative data on picking up access to it. Erasure or control of touchy information with aim to realize individual addition is a different impact of machine hacking. A client whose machine has been hacked is at the danger of losing all the information archived on his/her machine. Control of delicate client information is a grave result of hacking.

Fraud is a different essential outcome of workstation hacking. Data fraud is a cheat that includes claim to be another person, with expectation to addition unauthorized access to informative content or property. It implies a wrongful utilization of another person personality for particular investment or pick up.

The developments in innovation have accelerated the development of crux logging programming, which is fit for following and recording each crux stroke by the client, in this manner taking passwords and account portions. A different genuine impact of workstation hacking is the dissent of administration strike. The Dos strike, as it is called, implies the endeavor of making machine assets occupied to commissioned clients. Regularly, sites fall prey to refusal of administration strike, whereby they are made inaccessible for long times of time, creating hinder to clients while additionally hampering site business.

Workstation hacking can expedite burglary of basic business qualified data. Vital informative content about business customers and clients could be lost or controled through machine hacking. Hacking can lay open message delivers to hackers, which they may use for spamming and hampering message protection.

Informative data discriminating to national security, classified government information, qualified data identified with national guard, security and wrongdoing, if uncovered by method of hacking, can have grave results on the welfare of the country. Hacking of remarkably touchy information can conceivably chance the national security and stake the for the most part well-being of the nation's nationals.

Hacking could be utilized to change over machines into zombies i.e. Web empowered workstations that are traded off by hackers or Pc infections. Zombie Pcs are utilized for fake exercises like spamming and phishing.

By what method would you be able to discover if your workstation has been hacked? An unexplained decrease in machine exhibition, a sudden build in document measure, unexplained alterations to indexes, sudden updates in system settings of the Pc and continuous plate accidents are a portion of the cautioning indications of a hacked machine. Instating dependable antivirus programming, empowering a firewall preceding interfacing with the Internet and instating working framework upgrades on a consistent groundwork, can help you battle hackers.

What could befall you in the event that you hack a workstation? Actually, Pc clients have a right to secure particular informative data under the information assurance act. Not maintaining this enactment can have genuine results like overwhelming fines or detainment. The level of discipline hinges on the intensity of the harm coming about because of workstation hacking. Hacking is a Pc wrongdoing.

Assuming that one and only could 'hack the brains' of hackers and "erase" such dangerous considerations of hacking from their psyches.

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Star Infranet - Computer Security Authentication

Adware, malware, spyware and Pc bots are only a couple of the threats that might be named;

which provoke the utilization of a secure workstation verification framework. Different systems are utilized within the verification techniques. The anxiety has in any case, dependably been towards a programming approach for settling the motivation behind validation.


Passwords are the most effortless and most normal confirmation prepare that are utilized, not just on desktop machines and yet at the system level. However certain guidelines ought to be accompanied while setting a secret word for your Pc or system. Don't use effortlessly foreseeable statements for your passwords; they don't even need a hacker to enter the framework through your record. Use passwords that are capricious. Set long passwords and use numbers and exceptional characters while setting your secret key. Recollect your passwords; don't record it anyplace. Hackers use different devices to know your passwords, however a long secret word with various unique characters, without a doubt gives them a great deal of inconvenience.

Computerized Certificates 

Utilizing a certain calculation, workstation director join your particular items with other client accreditations to produce an open key. This open crux or computerized testament is utilized for the confirmation reason within the system.

Savvy Cards 

Shrewd Cards are around the precise few fittings verification forms in which a modest card with an installed hardware is utilized for gaining entrance to the system. Every quality card for a specific system, when embedded into the hardware it has been made for, gives a yield which chooses whether you will be permitted to enter into the system or not. The customizing consistency embedded into every card is distinctive and it is one of the most secure systems for validation.

Unique finger impression location 

Practically accessible in all laptops that are made today; unique finger impression recognition is an additional safe strategy for machine security confirmation. Every living soul realizes that even the iris example of two individuals may even match, however fingerprints can never match.

Face distinguishment frameworks 

Face distinguishment framework, might delight you, however recently numerous individuals working in the field of security have addressed its client inviting nature and the security it can give. A basic measurement figuring of the front side is finished by the workstation and the legitimacy utilized as a part of doing in this way, has been regularly discovered to be inclined to blunders.


Biometrics is regularly recognized as a significantly more secure route of verification than passwords or computerized declarations. It is even more secure than sharp cards, which may be lost. The physical and behavioral attributes of an individual are contemplated in this sort of validation.

Captcha Keys 

This is the procedure of verification that is utilized to verify if a human or a workstation bot has logged into the framework. Captcha keys are haphazardly produced letter sets and numericals put forth in this shape, to the point that just a human can distinguish.

Notwithstanding, how about we descend to the typical workstation security authentical procedures that we can do at the nearby level. Setting up a Bios secret word for your machine may not be a definitive security confirmation. Uprooting the Bios electric cell from the machine framework for 30 seconds, deactivates this security characteristic. Setting up the manager secret word is of utmost need. Provided that the manager secret key is not situated, then any client can log into the machine regardless of the truth if he has a record in that Pc or not.

The above recorded systems are only a couple of the extensively utilized confirmation systems. Actually, the measures that we take for defending our machine or system are more significant than the system itself. A number of us have a propensity of naming our systems after the hero from our most beloved film. This ought to be stayed away from and systems may as well have sensible names that can't be effortlessly resolved. Provided that you are a system executive responsible for a shut secure system, then it is dependably attractive to situated your system perceivability status to the concealed mode.

Star Infranet

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Types of Computer Attacks - Star Infranet

In today's planet, it has ended up being a generally regular scenario where we catch wind of individual machine frameworks or the systems have been assaulted. In this time period
characterized by engineering, there are diverse sorts of Pc assaults from which one needs to secure their valuable information, frameworks and even systems. While a percentage of the strike may essentially degenerate the information on the Pc, there are different assaults, where the information from the workstation framework may be taken, and others where the whole system may be closed down.

To put it basically, there are two prevailing sorts of assaults, uninvolved assaults and animated assaults. Latent assaults are the ones where the information transaction on the machine is checked and later used for noxious engages, while dynamic strike are ones where either progressions are made to the information or the information is erased or the system is devastated totally. Given underneath are a percentage of the regular sorts of dynamic and in addition detached ambushes that can influence the machines of today.

Engaged Types of Computer Attacks 


Most extremely popular machine ambushes are infections, which have been around for the longest time. They establish themselves onto the Pcs and spread to the different documents on the framework. They frequently spread through outside hard drives, or through certain web locales or through message connections. Once the infections are started, they end up being autonomous of the originator and mean to contaminate various documents and different frameworks.

Root Kit 

Hackers grow access into the framework with the utilization of root unit drivers and take full charge of the Pc. The aforementioned are around the most unsafe Pc ambushes, as the hacker can add on additional control over the framework, than the holder of the framework. In a few cases, hackers have had the capacity to additionally turn on the victimized individual's webcam and watch the exercises of the victimized individual, without the chump pondering it whatsoever.


In the record of workstation strike, Trojan stallions rank directly after the infections. They regularly cover themselves in a bit of programming, in screen saver, or in an amusement, which seems to work ordinarily. Then again, once they are duplicated onto the framework, they will contaminate the framework with an infection or root unit. In different statements, they function as bearers of infections or root units, to spoil the framework.


Worms could be called the cousins of infections. The distinction between infections and worms is that worms taint the framework without any sort of help from the client. The principal step that worms take is to output the workstations and misuse vulnerabilities. At that point it duplicates itself onto the framework spoiling the framework, and the procedure is rehashed.

Latent Types of Computer Attacks 

Listening stealthily 

As the name infers, hackers will subtly listen to the exchange occurrence between two Pcs on the system. This can happen in a shut framework and additionally over the web too. The different names with which this is implied is sniffing or snooping. With listening stealthily, touchy information can make its path over the system and might be open to others.

Secret word Based Attacks 

A standout amongst the most regular sorts of digital strike are secret key based ambushes. Here the hackers additions access to the machine and the system assets by expanding secret word control. It is frequently seen that the assaulter progressions server and arrange arrangement and in a few cases may even erase information. Information can additionally be passed onto distinctive systems.

Disavowal of Service Attack 

As the name recommends, hackers will subtly listen to the talk event between two Pcs on the system. This can happen in a shut framework and additionally over the web besides. The different names with which this is implied is sniffing or snooping. With listening stealthily, touchy information can make its route over the system and might be approachable to others.

Bargained Key Attack 

To store delicate information, a mystery code or number may be utilized. Acquiring the crux is undoubtedly a legitimate immense undertaking for the hacker, it is conceivable that after exceptional research the hacker is surely fit to lay his active the crux. Once the nexus is in ownership of the hacker, it is regarded as bargained key. The hacker will now have access to the touchy information and can make updates to the information. Nonetheless, there are additionally risks that the hacker will attempt distinctive changes and consolidations of the key to addition access to different sets of touchy information besides.

Character Spoofing 

Each Pc has an Ip address, because of which it is recognized as a quality and free substance on the system. One of the regular Pc assaults is to gather the character of a different Pc. Here Ip bundles may be sent from good delivers and expand access to a specific Ip. When access is expanded, the information on the framework may be erased, changed or rerouted. Alternately, the hacker can make utilization of this hacked Ip and cause assaults on the different frameworks inside or outside the system.

Requisition Layer Attack 

The point of the provision layer assault is to reason blame in the server's working framework. Once an issue is made in the working framework, the hacker has the capacity to increase access to the server controls. This in turn prompts the hacker adjusting the information in different ways. An infection may be brought into the framework or might send various demands to the server, which can bring about its collision or security controls may be incapacitated, because of which restoring the server back can come to be troublesome.

The aforementioned were a percentage of the sorts of ambushes, which servers and single machine frameworks need to ward off on a regular premise. The record of most cutting edge machine ambushes presses on to expand with every passing day, with new hacking methods been utilized for the assaults.

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Best Computer Security Software

The World Wide Web could be an unsafe place for a workstation, as behind each download and web requisition, hides an infection or spyware modify holding up to attack it. In the meantime, interior threats can show up in the manifestation of removable media and gadgets. Terrified? Don't be. Establishing any of the security programming underneath, will ensure your machine against the most exceedingly bad of threats. Span underneath to see the top PC insurance projects. 

Security is dependably an issue, with regards to workstations. Infections, malware, trojan worms, spyware... all are dreadful small modifies which, for example termites, love to tunnel profound into some clueless PC and decimate it gradually. And then there's the issue of Internet security. Your online personality might as well verify you accurately to different provisions, in the meantime, might as well remain private. The result for all the aforementioned issues and threats is, a proficient and productive workstation security programming. This is really a wide term, intended to include numerous sorts of machine security systems and projects, for example antivirus and hostile to spyware programming or parental controls. Antivirus can come as a standalone programming or suite project. In standalone programming, the project just handles infection and hurtful system threats, some may handle spyware. Standalone programming has constrained purpose. However a complete machine security suite has a heap of diverse systems or divisions, for example taking care of infections and spyware, functioning as parental control programming and taking care of your PC's wellbeing on the web. 

Look at the permit or warranty furnished with security programming. Certain projects can just be utilized on 1 PC, so assuming that you have numerous PCs, purchase sharp and buy a security project which furnishes different licenses. 

Top Computer Security Suites 

I. Kaspersky PURE 

  • Complete assurance suite with antivirus, information insurance and parental control capacities 

  • Safeguards your PC against the exact most noticeably awful of infections, worms and malware 

  • Straightforward and basic use through interface with centermost administration 

  • Can make a reinforcement of information and restore it when required 

  • Information Encryption characteristic encrypts your delicate information for most extreme security 

  • Additional extreme with watchword assurance, even gathers and stores passwords on your pen drive 

  • Parental control emphasize permits checking and obstructing of Web locales and access, even with informal communication locales 

  • Comes in 1 and 2 year licenses 

  • Accompanies 1, 3 or 5 PC licenses 

  • Perfect with Windows 7, Vista and XP SP3 

  • Cost: $100 

II. Norton 360™ Version 5.0 

  • Suite configured for insurance against infections, phishing and pernicious online exercises 

  • Reinforcement 2 GB of your paramount information 

  • Handles your online security with attention on long range informal communication exercises 

  • Norton Safe Web Social Media Scanner checks for security threats on your Facebook profile 

  • Exceptionally PC amicable -proactive exhibition alarms and auto PC tuneup 

  • Parental control capacity incorporated with overhauled screening 

  • Ready in 1, 2 and 3 year licenses 

  • Accompanies 1 and 5 PC licenses 

  • Good with Windows 7, Vista and XP SP2 or higher 

  • Cost: $60 

III. Webroot SecureAnywhere™ Complete 2012 

  • Totally examines your PC for threats in 2 minutes 

  • System will programmedly redesign itself when wanted 

  • Sharp danger recognition; does not permit hurtful online sites to open, predetermines threats dependent upon conduct 

  • Encrypts touchy information (like passwords) and pieces Internet threats (hackers, phishing assaults) 

  • Offers multi-unit (tablet/iPhone/Android telephone) danger security and Internet wellbeing 

  • Will auto go down 10 GB of information to an online server 

  • Can perform remote wipe on Android tablet or cell phone 

  • Extra security instruments incorporate system screen and firewall 

  • Accompanies 3 PC licenses and 3 tablet/smartphone licenses 

  • Good with Windows 7, Vista and XP SP2/SP3 

  • Cost: $80 

IV. BitDefender Total Security 2012 

  • Handles infection, malware and Internet threats 

  • Compelling security offers like Rescue mode, Vulnerability Scanner and Virtualized Browser 

  • Checks if destinations are protected or not ahead of time and issues warnings appropriately 

  • Secures against phishing assaults, encrypts documents and talk dialogues and erases spam 

  • Autopilot security characteristic handles most security-identified activities without any outside help 

  • Reinforcement 2 GB of information to a secure remote server 

  • Offers parental controls and firewall 

  • Good with Windows 7, Vista and XP SP3 

  • Cost: $35 

Best Computer Security Standalone Programs 

I. ZoneAlarm Antivirus + Firewall 2012 

  • Twofold security offered with two-way firewall 

  • Firewall consistently screens arrangements and instantly stops malevolent conduct 

  • Filters indexes as they are being downloaded and quits downloading if danger is recognized 

  • Can distinguish infections, spyware and other programming threats and in addition secures your protection with antiphishing components 

  • Cautions when online sites are malevolent and has an against spam channel 

  • Arrangement permits you to timetable reinforcements of information and encrypt went down documents 

  • Accompanies 3 PC licenses 

  • Good with Windows 7, Vista and XP SP2/SP3 

  • Cost: $30 

II. BitDefender Antivirus Plus 2012 

  • Modify examines for infections quietly and prudently when framework is unmoving 

  • Assists secure your online personality with antiphishing components, talk encryption and informal organization connection sifting 

  • Autopilot offer programmedly maintains security portions, so you don't have to handle inside settings 

  • Shrewd security offers like Search Advisor, Virtualized Browser and Rescue mode 

  • Good with Windows 7, Vista and XP SP3 

  • Cost: $30 

  • For clients of the Mac OS, look at BitDefender Antivirus for Mac 

III. G Data AntiVirus 2012 

  • Standalone antivirus/email/chatting/spyware/online shopping examining framework 

  • Indeed, when your PC is unmoving, Idle Scan characteristic outputs PC for infections 

  • Exceptionally adequate and avant-garde taking care of diverse sorts of infections 

  • Examination of hazardous documents or suspected infection holding information, is brought out through mist framework 

  • Accompanies 1 year permit and unlimited trial form 

  • Good with Windows 7, Vista and XP SP2 

  • Cost: $30 

IV. Norton Antivirus 2012 

  • Encompassing security against online and logged off threats 

  • Exceptionally effective security components with 4 diverse information insurance layers 

  • Fast, non-meddling infection filtering that devours negligible assets 

  • Enhanced client inviting UI permits simple administration and arrangement taking care of 

  • Knowledge 2.0 arrangement checks requisitions before commissioning them and cautions of potential threats 
  • Project is fog based, so complete redesigns and recharges at whatever place 

  • Project permits you to make a recuperation disc for crisis booting 

  • Auto overhauls itself each 15 minutes without the necessity for human enter 

  • Perfect with Windows 7, Vista and XP SP2 

  • Accessible in 1, 2, 3 year licenses 

  • Cost: $40 

V. ProtectMac AntiVirus 

  • Particularly configured for the Mac OS 

  • Index access scanner runs in underpinning, following every index action and showing any threats to security 

  • Client inviting and streamlined UI, outlined to fit in with Mac OS plan 

  • FileSafe characteristic permits you to reject or remove certain indexes from being filtered each time 

  • Versatile Intelligent Scanning screens and watches your most beloved indexes and information and makes them a security necessity 

  • Different go of outputs accessible for example, planned or arranged, filtering of removable units and continuous access checks 

  • Auto upgrades itself and stays up with the latest 

  • Perfect with Mac OS X 10.4.7 and higher forms 

  • 1 acquired permit blankets 3 discrete Mac machines 

  • Cost: $45 

Having a programming keen enough to auto redesign and keep itself shrewd with the most cutting edge threats simultaneously giving a simple interface for administration, is the key to victory and effectiveness of any workstation security project. Viewed however not caught or running quietly out of sight, for instance a noiseless bodyguard, are characteristics prized in antivirus customizes. The record of most efficiently security programming never stays consistent, as the rivalry in this business is wild. Every producer is dependably attempting to enhance the existing characteristic set and capacities. The more systems ready, the more choices customers need to browse and be specific with! 

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PCCare247 Keeps Up with Its Success Trail by Becoming a Certified AVG Gold Reseller

PCCare247 offers its clients the much needed security and protection from malware with AVG brand of antivirus, becoming AVG Gold Reseller.

September 11, 2012: PCCare247 a stellar entity in the world of on demand tech support achieved another milestone in its illustrious journey by becoming a certified AVG Gold reseller. The World’s fourth largest and most trusted antivirus brand working towards not only pre-empting but combating a horde of web threats like Viruses, Bugs, Trojans, cyber-scams and hackers.  

PCCare247 becomes AVG Gold Reseller
PCCare247 Authorized AVG Gold Reseller
With AVG Technologies working  to offer a comprehensive range of security solutions, from standalone anti-virus, anti-spyware to all-in-one internet security suites to network solutions for Windows operating systems. In fact, it would be only right to say Clients have on their hand security solutions which are not only easy to install and support but are at the same instance extremely user-friendly.

Speaking on the development, a senior official from PCCare247 said, “Partnering with AVG and becoming a certified Gold reseller for the firm enables us to offer our clients an award-winning family of security software solutions. AVG has a portfolio of products which are not only easy to sell, install and support, but also at the same time are user-friendly, providing clients with Internet security protection they can always trust, without really ever sacrificing system performance.”

All the more to go ahead and further contribute to the same endeavor, PCCare247 works to offers a slew of AVG centric web and online security solutions to a huge clientele scattered all across the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. The entity works to deliver a range of security solutions to clients not only in the shortest time span possible but that too all at a moment’s notice. Working towards not only keeping all threats at bay but also rather ensuring a PC remains in the pink of health at all times no matter what.     

About PCCare247: PCCare247 is a global on-demand services company working to provide personalized computer support for consumers and small businesses across the United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. With a proven global expertise delivery model and intelligent customer insight systems, easy-to-use self-help tools, automated PC optimization and computer support services, PCCare247 works very hard to keep all its clients and small businesses protected and productive 24x7.

For further information please log on to

Or alternatively, get in touch with the company at:

Office No. 3, 6th Floor,
DLF Cybercity, Building No. 14B
Phone: +91-124-4655200
Fax: +91-124-4655299

600 Mamaroneck Avenue
Suite 400 PMB # 400-18, Harrison
NY 10528
Phone: +1-888-291-2867
Fax: +1-516-908-4908

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How to Tell if Someone Is Stealing Your Wifi?

Are you sick and tired of your slow Wifi connection? If yes, maybe it is time to change your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or run a check to see whether someone is stealing your bandwidth. In my recommendation, the second method should be tried first before jumping on to other available options. So, in case if you are game here are some simple and easy methods to check whether someone is hooked onto your network without your authorization. 

Step 1: Check your router
Check your routers logs to see if any extraordinary activity has taken place. Try to look out for any abnormal downloading of files and applications which in your knowledge was never ever initiated from your side in the first place.  

Step2: Check out the lights
If a modem light is flashing, and your PC is off, turn it back on. After it has booted up and you are logged in open up your browser and go to the routers administration page – select either or as an IP address, depending on which router you have.

Step 3: Search for all recently attached devices
Locate a tab that says ‘Attached Devices’ or one with a similar caption. This step will bring up all the PCs attached to your router and ones which have been recently attached.

Step 4: Go to the Command Prompt
Go to the command window (Start à Run à Type CMD and hit Enter) and type in ipconfig /all and hit Enter

Step 5: Comparison of the listed devices 
Compare the IP address, PC name and MAC address (Known as the Physical Address or Hardware Address) to what would be listed in the routers attached devices section. If in case any such devices are not matching with your PC, then someone is attached to your Wifi

Step 6: Set a Password
In case if you fell someone is connected to your Wifi, it is about time you made it secure by giving it a password. Now, go to the Wireless Security or w/e section as it is called on your router. Setup a WEP key (Please note it down before continuing further). Once you are ready now click on ‘Apply’ or ‘Save’ and your router will reboot. Once rebooted the intruder would be disconnected, but so will all of your PCs.

Step 7: Secure your Wifi Network

Search for your wireless connection in the computers network and then enter in the key you created previously in the Step 5. Once the step is completed your internet connection is secure against all intrusions.

To get technical help and support for Network set-up call PCCare247, 24x7 support on TOLL FREE number 1-855-877-5848.

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PCCare247 Becomes Authorized Reseller of World’s Top Five Antivirus Programs

New York, United State 17 August, 2012:- Adhering to its trajectory of salvaging computer users’ community by providing them complete security against any nominal to severe malware threats, PCCare247 has now signed accord with World’s five most premium Antivirus brands to come to lie as an Authorized Reseller of their Security Products. Ranked high on popularity indices around the world, these big five are Avast, Panda Security, Norton, Total Defense, and AVG.  Above that, patrons can now end-up availing hefty discounts of up to 25% on the purchase of Avast Security Products from PCCare247.

Besides reselling job, PCCare247 also renders complete online technical support for all of these brands to sort out concerns related to their installation, uninstallation, setup, configuration, along with troubleshooting entire portfolio of technical glitches accompanying them.

In the Annual Meeting of the company, one of the Directors of PCCare247 said “Reaching to the tally of reselling five premium Antivirus software is just a beginning, and in coming year 2013, we will be working towards taking this figure to double digits.” After seeing these developments it is well evident that expansion of PCCare247 is in full swing to cater its services to the larger fraction of computer users all over the world. All this is indeed a true sign of PCCare247’s increasing acceptability and popularity in the field of online and onsite technical support.

About PCCare247

PCCare247 is a Third-party Company, which provides online and onsite technical support for computers and its related peripherals. The journey of PCCare247 has started in the year 2009, and since then it has been working towards rescuing computer users battling with different predicaments of their computer systems. And today, PCCare247 renders its services to thousands of customers around the globe, and has all set to become the frontrunner among online technical support providers.

For further details you can log on to

Or alternatively, get in touch with the company at:

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Saturday, 4 August 2012 - Windows Working Hard to Keep Its Top Spot Intact This article explores the technical hitches, which often come in the working of Windows OS. And along with that it tells you how such issues can be best dealt without much ado with Windows tech support.
Although, it is true that Windows OS was introduced a year later in 1985 than Mac OS (1984) to give the other a tough fight and which the former did at its best. But behind the Windows’ wide acceptability, there have been many reasons the most important one being its structure and design that matches with almost all the programs and applications software. This feature of Windows enables computer users to install, run and play different programs based on any format. And this is the very reason why despite of the Mac OS X recent success, Windows is still running ahead of it especially in the world of business as most of the industries use scores of applications, which only support Windows operating system. And apart from that its features are user friendly that helps in understanding and operating the required steps in order to use any specific program in the computer system and even if you go astray from the procedure that is prescribed, a Window in the form of pop up comes out and warns you or directs you the right track.    

When good, it is God, when bad, it turns Evil    

When Windows operating system works to its efficiency it enables you to use different programs, applications, software in the computer system but as and when it breaks off, it can give you toughest of the time in your life you have experienced so far. It starts throwing up tantrums by not functioning in the supposed manner and all the things go hay wired. The problems associated with it are ample but the most common are fixing up of Windows installation and up-gradation issues, upgrading driver compatibility, dealing with the operating system compatibility to other programs, troubleshooting blue screen of death, non-responding programs, audio-video problems, issues related to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices, fixing Windows firewall issues, fixing Windows firewall issues, software installation and uninstallation, battling  out activation and browsing issues, and networking setup and troubleshooting, etc. On the other hand, these entire situations without difficulties can be resolved through online Windows tech support.    

Quick fix your Windows with PCCare247                                                             

When you feel like that there is something lacking in your Windows OS and in this deteriorating state it is not function up to its caliber, then without wasting much time on searching for the assistance, you can simply come to PCCare247. It provides you with comprehensive services for Microsoft Windows support, which helps you repair any sort of problems plaguing your system ranging from petite to potential matters. At PCCare247, our dexterous technicians with their years of experience know all the nitty-gritty’s of the quandaries which often are being confronted with the Windows OS users and have the ability to resolve the issue concerned in matter of seconds. For that the only thing you have to do is to dial our toll free telephone number and register the subject of the issue but always keep it in mind that sooner the matter gets reported, earlier the solution will be achieved.   

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

PCCare247 Reviews: Top Five Customer Reviews about PCCare247 Inc.

In a worldwide survey, we found millions of satisfied customers of Top five customer reviews that will help user to choose best tech Support Company.

New York, United State, 18 July 2012: A recently published internal audit report conducted by PCCare247’s quality team has revealed the fact that there has been a marked rise in overall satisfaction levels for those availing PCCare247 technical support services on YOY (year on year) basis. The report is based on the analysis of a set of benchmarks, which includes the live call testing of calls made by technicians to the customers and vice a versa, the number of charge-back claims that come after an unsatisfactory service delivery, etc. Besides this, the reviews and rip-off reports were also taken into consideration for generating a clear and transparent view of the current situation.

The report findings reveals that not a single call made to the customers had any misquoted facts and no false claims were made to the clients. Also, things were not exaggerated during diagnosis of the faults of a particular system and furthermore not even a single penny is charged over the actual price of the service.

The outcome of this report can well be verified through the testimonies of PCCare247 customers dotting the globe. Ms. Cathy Brown says, “I found as excellent, honest and a professional tech support assistance provider because they fix my laptop antivirus related issues “your computer system might be at risk” in just half an hour. They charged me convenient cost of their impressive or excellent service and my laptop is working properly.”

Another patron Mr. Justin Langer added “ PCCare247 ( ) is a legitimate company with a registered office at New York City, United States of America, with millions of satisfied customers worldwide. I hope this review helps the innocent computer users to distinguish between the legitimate and a fraud company.”

Besides this, PS Reviewer shared his experience by saying “I tried repeatedly to install Open Office on my computer without success. I finally bit the bullet and contacted PCCare247 at +1-855-877-5848. They solved my problem quickly and professionally. I am now in my second year with their support. It’s well worth the modest cost. Thanks for publish such a great review about PCCare247 Inc.”

The other appreciator is Allen Young from Australia, who says, “The technicians of PCCare247 fixed my PC within few hours unlike my local technician who took 3-4 days and even charged a lot. Ever since I took the plan of PCCare247, I have saved myself of all the problems of taking the computer to the shop and waiting for days to get it fixed.”

And at last, this lady named Murphy goes on explaining like, how like a hard-core music lover like her, PCCare247 proved to be true redeemer when her music player broke down in the middle of the night. Like these five service users, there have been many who are benefitted with PCCare247 technical support services. Indeed, this is the reason that today PCCare247 is proud of having thousands of customers all over the world in a short span of three years.

About PCCare247:
PCCare247 is an online technical support provider, which provides technical support for various issues related to computers and their peripherals. The company caters its services to its broad client base located at the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada and many other countries. The services it offers include, Brand Support, Mac Support, Antivirus Support, Microsoft Support, Network Support, Peripheral Support, etc.

For further details you can log on to

Or alternatively, get in touch with the company at:

Office No. 3, 6th Floor,
DLF Cyber City, Building No. 14B,
Gurgaon, Haryana - India
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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

PCCare247’s Peps Antivirus Support with Its Freshly Out, Dedicated Subdomain

PCCare247 Antivirus Support
New York, United State- Wednesday, 20th June, 2012: After months of dedicated efforts, brainstorming sessions, and in-depth analysis, PCCare247 is now up with spanking new Antivirus sub-domain on its website. With its ardent focus on plethora of antivirus products, this new-fangled one intends to scale the length and breadth of glitches that plague antivirus programs. From installation, un-installation, to updates and up-gradation issues, the sub-domain has left no stone unturned in redeeming the naïve users from these pestering troubles. Not only that, two new sections namely- “Reviews” and “News”, have also been included in order to assist users in decision making process and also to keep them up-to-date on the new developments taking place in the field of digital security.

On the launch of this new sub-domain, one of the spokesmen from the company said, “This new sub-domain will prove as milestone in online antivirus support as it will aid those disgruntled PC users who have been taken up by the problems of their antivirus software. Besides this, the new concept will further allow them to understand the genesis of the problem, thereby assisting them in getting the appropriate solution for their matter concerned and that too, 24 x 7.”    
Being the brainchild of eminent research and development team, through this new sub-domain PCCare247 has once again proved its mettle in online technical support.  Moreover, Microsoft certified technicians were also being instrumental in bringing this development materialized, as they contributed their years of experience on dealing with a plenty of technical issues of PC users across the world, day in day out.

About PCCare247.Com

Established in the year 2009, PCCare247 is an online technical support provider for computer and its related issues, primarily to the UK, USA, Australia and Canada. It delivers its premium antivirus support services across all brands including McAfee, Norton, Kaspersky, CA, Avast!, G-Data, F-Secure,  Bitdefender, Aladdin, Panda, ESET NOD-32, BullGuard, AVG, and many more.      
For further details you can log on to

Or alternatively, get in touch with the company at:

Office No. 3, 6th Floor,
DLF Cyber City, Building No. 14B,
Gurgaon, Haryana - India
Phone: +91-124-4655200
Fax: +91-124-4655299

600 Mamaroneck Avenue
Suite 400 PMB, 400-18, Harrison
NY 10528
Ph. No. : +1-888-291-2867
Fax No. : +1-516-908-4908

Friday, 15 June 2012 Technical Support for Lexmark Printers

Lexmark, considered as a premier name in the world of printers is also not spared from its share of follies. Coming available in variants such as mono laser, color laser, inkjet, multifunctional and dot matrix printers, every Lexmark printer works toward delivering excellent performance, reliability and high productivity time and again. In fact, as it would be the case the premier printer brand tends to go a long way in serving the printing needs and requirements of home and office users by not only using state-of-the-art technology, reducing paper usage, saving ink and at the same instance conserving electricity.

But then on a flip side as it goes all Lexmark printers are also subject to their share of installation, un-installation based errors, software glitches, spooler issues and a range of toner as well as cartridge problems.

How PCCare247 delivers flawless Lexmark Tech Support?

If at any time you end up encountering any issue with the functioning of a Lexmark printer, then all you need to do is to call PCCare247 for availing immediate help and assistance. Once done, you will end up receiving state-of-the-art tech support from certified technicians who would not only diagnose but repair a good majority of errors hampering the speed and performance of your Lexmark printer. Going forward to not only analyze but as well as resolving a majority of software conflicts and compatibility issues by updating the Lexmark printer drivers or resolving any software glitches associated with it.

The way PCCare247 goes about doing its business

Lexmark Tech Support or otherwise updating a Lexmark printer driver is a child’s play at PCCare247 and all one would need to do in order to attain the same would be to just go ahead and give a green light to PCCare247’s breed of technicians to remotely access the PC via the Internet. Once taken care of after that would come in the need to go ahead and sync the same Lexmark printer either with a computer or a laptop.

Anyways all said and done, indeed in one way or the other PCCare247 suggests a range of simple and easy ways in order to get that prestigious Lexmark printer up and running again successfully time and again. So, all we can say is what you are waiting for just go ahead and call up PCCare247 and get express resolution for all your issues in just one go.

Lexmark is an iconic name in the world of printers. And just like other brands it too requires the highest grade Lexmark printer support. A case wherein if we might only end up suggesting a brand like PCCare247 does end up standing tall on all possible expectations of its clients. 

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Flawless Internet Connectivity Starts with Cutting-Edge Belkin Router Support

In the present cyber age wireless routers have not only been instrumental in bringing us freedom from wires but have at the same instance given us the opportunity to go ahead and surf the internet from anywhere and yet at the same instance stream content from anywhere to our Laptops, HD TVs and other mobile devices such as tablets, notebooks, palmtops and what not. In short, it would be safe to admit life really without wireless technology or a brand name such as a Belkin router is anything but inconceivable.

Belkin Wireless Routers and PCCare247: A match made for the times to come

With a great deal of advancement in wireless technology we, PC users have started to face a whole range of issues with regards to connectivity, speed, performance and sometimes issues as simple as security. But, somehow all that has changed ever since a renowned entity such as Belkin an iconic entity in the world of Wireless routers has come out with a slew of brands; popularly comprising of Belkin Sharemax, Belkin Connect, Belkin Surf and Belkin Play and Belkin N-Series.

But then again as it would be the case with other gadgets; Belkin routers also do end up facing issues from time to time. And that tends to bring into the need to simply lookout for a premier tech support entity that would go on to provide comprehensive Belkin Router Support. For, at the end of the day all said and done a network’s data exchange capabilities with the same or different network depends entirely on a router. Why so, since among the many functions carried out by a Belkin or for that any other brand of router, the functionality is to identify address information contained in every packet of data for data switching purposes. A step which further tends to determines whether the source and destination are on the same or different network before data is forwarded.

What to expect at PCCare247?
As it would be the case with any other router also a Belkin brand of Router also tends to promote loop free paths between sub-networks and also performs as a default gateway. With such important functions to perform, nothing less than a router running at its optimum best would do the trick for PC users. Well, then again not really of consequence whether the router is being used for a commercial or  residential purposes.

At PCCare247, the team of Microsoft-certified techies tend to make any computing experience for a PC user as flawless as possible through:
·         Configuration and connection of a Belkin router to a PC
·         Resetting the Belkin Router password
·         Securing a Belkin router
·         Resolving errors such as:
  • Router not getting connected to internet
  •  Router not getting connected to an ISP
  • Unable to connect to a wireless device
  •  Weak wireless strength
·         Connecting multiple devices to a single Belkin router
·         Connecting a printer to the wireless network
·         Troubleshooting any firewall issues associated with a Belkin router
·         Streaming content to devices from a desktop via a Belkin wireless router

Exceptional Belkin Router Support is the need of the hour for those who are facing issues with their Belkin wireless router. And in this situation as it ends up being the case PCCare247 as a premier entity ends up coming to the rescue of those who are struggling to get online just because of their defunct or non-operative Belkin router.

Monday, 11 June 2012 Say Goodbye to Computer Woes with Live Tech Support Services

No matter what computer issues are bound to crop up at some point or the other. And once does that happen, it is recommended one ends up getting help at the earliest. However, as it would be the scenario, the traditional way of unplugging everything and driving across town and dropping off a computer at a repair shop can take days or sometimes weeks to get the repairs undergoing. But then again there also exists the option of calling over a repairman and asking him to give a home visit; but this can be expensive and inconvenient affair at the end of the day. A case wherein PCCare247 ends up carrying out the rescue act time and again  via it live chat tech support in order to get your PC running up and again.

Living up the PCCare247 experience

At PCCare247, hapless PC users would find the going easy as the premier entity other than offering services such as online virus removal is also renowned to resolve printer based issues. Thus, in the hindsight not only enabling PC users to quickly determine the issue on hand but also enabling them to get their PC up and running once again. What’s more, professionals from the company are highly trained and their live chat tech support and Microsoft tech support provided via remote assistance saves one from the hassle of unplugging a PC; tote it across town or allow someone come home and repair the PC.

By offering clients highly cost-effective and sometime as good as free online tech support, the premier tech support entity believes in the objective of saving the money of its clients. In fact, our clients can end up getting their entire computer issues solved at much less than what they will end up paying at a traditional computer repair shop. All because our technicians end up using remote access to look into a PC and find out what is exactly is the cause of all problems. All said and done, the technician on hand would be able to repair a problem using remote access, thereby in the bargain eliminating the need for a visit to a traditional repair shop or seeking a home visit from a technician.

All said and done a feasible solution in the end

Be it Windows XP tech support or support for your printer, once a computer issue is solved, a technician would no longer end up having access to a computer. Clients can simply log out and log in again till they end up experiencing another problem. Yes, with PCCare247 at the helm of affairs solving every problem right from speeding up a computer to getting a printer working properly is an easy affair. All to be taken care of by paying a small fee associated with the assistance. To know more about PCCare247 and the portfolio of services offered by it please feel free to log on to

Live Tech support online is the best way to not only save money but also time. For sure which would be wasted in case clients were to opt for an onsite visit by a techie or else were to end up carrying their PC to a repair shop.  However, all such things are in the past because PCCare247 as a premier tech support entity ends up taking care of all nagging issues on hand.    

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Tech Support for Your PC is Round-The-Corner with PCCare247

Does your personal PC drive you against the well every now and then? Is the gadget hindering your performance and is not allowing you to get the maximum result out of your work output at home and office? If yes indeed, then all we can say is you have ended up landing at the right place and you can take solace the name PCCare247 ends up being your online PC tech support partner you can rely upon 24x7. For all said and done at the end of the day PCCare247 is a renowned entity that goes well out of its way to provide cutting-edge IT tech Support which would  very well enable you to take care of any issues affecting your desktop, laptop and peripherals such as printers, scanners, digital cameras and MP3 Players.

Home to highly trained and technically competent technicians due care and attention is paid to provide the best tech support service and resolution for issues affecting computers.  Issues which to quite an extent end up ranging from installation to setting up of PCs, printers, scanners, removal of viruses and troubleshooting glitches associated with gadgets such as MP3 Players and Digital Cameras. In fact, as it ends up being the case due attention is paid to ensure clients would end up getting  unparalleled online PC support in order to not only get all their PC issues fixed instantly  but at the same time get an express resolution for issues plaguing any associated peripherals.

What to expect from PCCare247?

It would be only right to say PCCare247 with a massive following across the globe is a name people can rely on instantly. Working towards ensuring scores of hapless PC users across the globe would get access to highly cost-effective packages, the premier online PC tech support company troubleshooting all sorts of issues cropping up in PCs, laptops, printers, scanners, digital cameras and MP3 Players belonging to prominent brands. To further top it up, PCCare247’s team of techies work wholeheartedly and on a round-the-clock basis to ensure no stone remains unturned towards making PCCare247 one of the most sought after Tech Support entity in the online world. An offshoot of a scenario where 24x7 technical support services are offered to PC users in not only overcoming some of the most unwanted technical issues but at the same instance ensuring they are able to work in a smooth and seamless manner under all circumstances.

Why PCCare247 all the way?

For long the motto of PCCare247 has been to sort out all computer related issues instantly in order to not only enhance the overall performance of a PC but at the same instance to raise the overall work productivity by quite a few notches. Quite frankly, as it ends up being the case due care and attention is paid by the team of techies from the premier tech support entity to deal with all kinds of computer related issues starting from guiding to set-up, repairing computer and laptops, installation and configuration of new computer system and software to correctly using applications, virus/spyware removal, fixing computer errors, notebook, printer, scanner issues solution and acting as an expert guide in fixing all types of complex computer issues and software errors. And yes lastly with PCCare247 at the helm of affairs clients can rest assure they would end up getting remote tech support service for major brands such as Dell, Sony, Samsung, Acer, and Toshiba all at one place. 

Round-the-clock PC Tech Support is a need of the hour. Simply for the reason that a PC and its associated peripherals such as printers, scanners, routers and laptop end up in top shape and increase an organization’s productivity by a long way.